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Select the right strain based on the ideal terpenes to determine the right flavor and desired effect properties! CLICK HERE!

Cannabis Terpenes Guide

Learn the strains!

Whether you're here to find your perfect high or an entrepreneur looking to sharpen your insight on the best new strains on the market, Ascendancy Strains has you covered like a blanket. Take some time and explore our articles, recipes, awards, and vast cannabis database!

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Use this website as a resource to bring your cannabis experience to the next level

Learning the Strains

Whether you are growing your own or purchasing from a dispensary, getting to know the strains before you commit will pay off big in the long run. By giving you access to the most data available, we allow you to make more informed decisions.

Search our database by filtering for the criteria you're most interested in:

Cooking with Cannabis!

Cooking with cannabis can be intimidating for many reasons. We have all had experiences (or heard about them from others) where improper dosage caused a negative experience. Extraction methods can be confusing and the number of options can be overwhelming. Have no fear though - we provide easy to follow walkthroughs and even provide suggestions which custom fit the terpene and effect profiles of each strain.

Growing Cannabis

There are many stages in the growing process. We have you covered through it all.

  • Selecting the right outdoor strain for your climate
  • Understanding expected yield output
  • Picking the right nutrients and tools for a successful grow
  • Keeping it organic AND healthy

Featured Strain Videos

Bust out the popcorn and watch some of our featured strain shorts

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We'll be there for you at each stage of the process, giving you insight into what you'll need before you need it and giving you resources to research the issues that arise when the unexpected happens.

Don't take our word for it - see what other users have to say about the strains you are considering investing in.

We currate our recipes to match smartly with strains based on flavor profiles and complementary activities.

Whether you are looking to expand your catering business with cannabis recipes, or seeking industry best practices to fine tune your business plan, we have the articles and data you need.

Don't let the amount of data available scare you from learning the basics. We have very basic courses that will quickly raise you cannabis IQ and allow you to benefit from smarter decisions.

We believe that the US has an unprecedanted opportunity to allow a small and mid-sized business owners to reap the benefits of the gigantic cannabis industry. The laws are getting written and re-written now. Who will they benefit? 

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