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ASHI: Ascendancy Strains HEAT INDEX

What is ASHI?

The Ascendancy Strains HEAT INDEX or ASHI is a metric we have developed at Ascendancy Strains to show how popular a given strain is at the present moment. Score range from 1-10 with a bonus score of 11 reserved for the ridiculously spicy strains.

How Is It Calculated?

The Ascendancy Strain HEAT INDEX, unlike the Brand Power Score (BPS), looks at the volume and age of awards won in addition to the volume and positive comments about a strain made over social media and on static strain pages.

What Does This Mean For Consumers?

ASHI is a great "quick and dirty" way to evaluate a strain. Where the BPS let's you know what industry thinks, ASHI is much more heavily weighted towards consumer interaction and other quality indicators that are not dependent on industry buy-in.

What Does This Mean For Industry Partners?

For those of you who are looking to lead the pack and be early (if not first) to market in your niche, ASHI can help you make educated guesses on where the wind is blowing next.

Where Can I Find ASHI Ratings?

Ascendancy Strain HEAT INDEX ratings can be found on individual strain pages in the description section towards the top of a page. If you'd like to sort all our strains by ASHI and other metrics like BPS, you may do so after upgrading your membership by completing our website tutorial - Ascendancy Strains 101.