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BPS: Brand Power Score

What Is It?

BPS is a metric we have developed at Ascendancy Strains to show how well-established in the market a strain is, effectively - how marketable it is as a product. This translates not just to strains as a direct consumable but also to edibles, topicals, etc. The range for BPS is 0-50, with 50 being the market giants.

How Is It Calculated?

The Brand Power Score, unlike the Ascendancy Strain HEAT INDEX, looks at both the award history (or lack thereof) in addition to how often this strain is profiled online by informational resources and vendors. The more respected the strain, the broader its influence and the more resulting awards all contribute positively to the perceived power connected to a strain.

What Does This Mean For Consumers?

A consumer could look at the BPS to judge how "safe a bet" a strain might be. Purchasing a strain with a low BPS at top dollar prices could raise a flag while a strain with a high BPS that you may have never heard of (but the rest of the industry has) should be a reason to give it a shot.

What Does This Mean For Industry Partners?

Whether you are trying to figure out what strain of seeds to grow or what herbs to feature in your menus and advertisements, BPS will help you prioritize the strains that have proven track records and resonate most with the industry and are known to consumers.

Where Can I Find BPS Ratings?

Brand Power Score ratings can be found on individual strain pages in the description section towards the top of a page. If you'd like to sort all our strains by BPS and other metrics (like ASHI) you may do so after upgrading your membership by completing our website tutorial - Ascendancy Strains 101.