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About Ascendancy Strains

person standing in front of a huge opportunity to fix the world

We want to be the one stop shop for all your cannabis-related interests. For entrepreneurs, we want to be the bootstraps you can lift yourselves up with.

Ascendancy Strains will soon be the website with more publicly available cannabis data points and more strains than any other place on the web. If you need strain info, we've got you covered like a blanket.

No cookies. No distracting advertisements from data brokers. Just well-written content, easy-to-follow videos and on-point strain reviews that give you actionable data at your fingertips -- making new concepts accessible to all.

To Whom it May Concern:

The American Dream is about Upward Mobility but that has been A Dream Deferred for too long now - becoming more of a myth used to energize a political base than a protected term in our Social Contract. To put another way, it's time for America to become the land of opportunity it was for those who came before us.

Whether it feels like it or not, we now occupy a place in time of unprecedented opportunity. The barriers to entry are not millions of dollars, they are seeds, soil and water. The power brokers have not yet rigged the rules in favor of those with money and the means of production lay available to all. The question is whether enough of us realize it and do something about it before it's too late.

Ascendancy Strains Aspires To Be The Place Where You Learn About Cannabis And Grow Your Business

Even with lack of Federal legalization, the cannabis industry creates billions in wealth each year. We believe that ownership of this businesses in that space need to be dominated by small businesses. We want to provide the framework that connects people in this space, creating efficiencies that allow small businesses to succeed without the massive marketing budgets of the large corporations.

Ascendancy Strains is developing a blueprint to create healthy, wealthy small-businesses communities by:

1.) Sharing information needed to be successful, in an accessible way;

2.) Allowing local small businesses and side hustlers the ability to find each other and help each other out; and

3.) Sharing information on "Wish List" Proposed Cannabis Legislation so people can learn about, participate in, shape and share discussions on the new laws of the land.

The cement has far from dried on the cannabis industry. We the people and our elected officials will decide the final rules. We can harness the power of this massive wealth opportunity to improve the lives of millions.

To do this, we need to realize the power of two resources (1) information, which is a commodity now more valuable than oil and (2) social networks, also massively valuable when it comes to influencing political change.

This is not a political website but we do want to offer a catalyst for engaged and positively directed political discussion. This website is about strain information and a "how-to" tool for cannabis-related ambitions. Each state needs to figure out for themselves how they want to use cannabis to stimulate their economies but they need to be held accountable to the good of the whole, in good faith. Our message is simple: consider writing laws that make it cost prohibitive for super large companies to succeed and in doing so bring forth a new age of artisan businesses that focus of health, craftsmanship and personal relationships. That's it. 

Ascend with us!

Whether you are hear to learn more about cannabis so you can be a more educated consumer or whether you have ambitions for something more, our aim is for your time spent here to be well worth it. If you're interested in seeing where we are going, make sure you follow us - we promise, at minimum, to make it interesting. Visit our project board to see what we have coming down the pike and how you can get active in growing this community.