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Bisabolol: Cannabis Terpene Profile

bisabolol terpene properties nutty transdermal

Molecular Formula: C15 H26 O

Boiling Point: 307 °F/153 °C

Also known as alpha-Bisabolol. The scent of Bisabolol is Nutty and Fruity with a hint of Coconut and Apple Cider. Bisabolol occurs naturally in German Chamomile, South American Candeia Tree, Myoporum Crassifolium and Poplar Leaves.

The Beneficial Effects of the Bisabolol Terpene

As an herbal medicine, Bisabolol goes back a thousand years as a treatment for the common cold, insomnia, fevers, asthma, nausea and 11th century nobles swore by its ability to treat Gout. Bisabolol Terpenes have been found to have been a useful therapeutic candidate for treating skin inflammation in mice and live cultures. In 2010, researchers determined the “use of α‐bisabolol or bisabolol‐rich oil as an anti‐inflammatory agent is ubiquitous. Also significant related to its use as an anti-inflammatory, unlike other anti-inflammatories, Bisabolol does not cause the gastric damage commonly seen and in fact can act as a protectant.  This compound also exhibits several other pharmacological properties, such as analgesic, antibiotic, and anticancer activities.” It has also been studied by the FDA for its ability to help in wound dressing.

Bisabolol has also been studied for its effectiveness for -

For its place in the Entourage, the Bisabolol terpene is known as a skin penetration enhancer which is helpful in carrying other healthful partners through the skin membrane and potentially increase their effectiveness. For this reason and its own inherent properties, Bisabolol is often found alongside Chamomile on the list of ingredients on skincare products.

*As with all information on this website, this is not medical advice - please consult a doctor for medical advice and information that relates to your specific situation.

Cannabis Cultivars Containing the Bisabolol Terpene

Lavender, Pink Kush, Jasmine, Cotton Candy Kush, Master Kush, Moonshine Haze, Headmaster Kush, Oracle, OG Shark, Headband, Harle-Tsu, Rockstar, ACDC