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Cannabis Deals and Promo Codes for Washington DC (July 2023)

Best DC Cannabis Deals July 2023

Looking for great deals from DC's most reputable vendors? Check out current weed deals and promo codes offered in March 2023. 

Active Deals

Company Deal Link Offer Text Promo Code
Lucky Chuckie Donate for an Oz and Get 7 Grams FREE Ascend
District Chiefer $100 Flower Zip Specials (*OG Kush *Orange 43 *Platinum Mango) Ascend
Buddaflies Buy 3 Stickers Get One Free 1/8oz Flower or 1g Vape Cartridge when you mention Ascend Ascend
District Chiefer 5 Live Resin Carts $250 (Maui Wowie, Sour Diesel, GSC, Great White, Mango Tango, Blue Dream, Gelato, LA OG, Cherry Bomb and others!) Ascend
District Chiefer Shatter Slab for $400 Ascend
District Chiefer 5 1000mg Diamond Disposables for $200 (available strains: Watermelon, Blue Milk, Super Sour Diesel, Strawberry Banana, Outer Space Sauce) Ascend
Heady Club DC FALL SALE - 25% OFF for MAC and RAINBOW KUSH when use code AUTUMN22 AUTUMN22