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So easy. You got this. And when you do, you'll never look back. Your days will forever be better when you have Cannamilk in your fridge. Test and try the recipe with different strains until you find your favorite! One teaspoon of cannamilk will give you 9.5mg of THC, assuming a 20% THC strain. Use our calculator to find the resulting strength of your strain.

Infusion Type Recipe Type
Cannamilk beverage
Base Servings Dose
1/4 ounce of ground cannabis flower 80 758mg per batch
Prep Time (min) Cook Time (min) Rest Time (min) Total Time (min)
45 45 90
  • 2 cups of whole milk
  • 1/4 ounce of fantastic herb

Step 1

Pre-heat oven to 245 degrees

Step 2

Grind your cannabis (1/4 ounce) in batches in grinder or roughly chop on cutting board using a kitchen knife (be careful!)

Step 3

Place ground cannabis on oven sheet lined with foil and decarb in oven for 45 minutes

Step 4

Pour measured milk into a saucepan, mix in decarbed bud and simmer at a low heat for 30-45 minutes, stirring frequently. Do not let the mixture boil. The milk should thicken slightly and take on a greenish hue.

Step 5

Take mixture off the heat, allow to cool, then strain into a container of your choosing. Keep in fridge and plan on enjoying within 7 days.

cannamilk recipe 758 mg per batch

Edible THC Dosage Calculator

enter the THC percentage of your strain (e.g. 22.5)
How much plant material (in grams) will you be using in your infusion (there are 3.5 grams in an eigth of an ounce)
How many cups of oil, butter or milk will you be infusing? If necessary, use a decimal fraction (e.g. 0.5 or 1.75).
408.5 mg total (assumes aggressive 90% decarb and a 60% absorption rates)
30.6 mg