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Carene: Cannabis Terpene Profile

carene chemical molecule

The tastes of Carene are sweet and pungent, smacking of Lemon, Musk and Pine. Carene occurs naturally in Basil, Pepper, Cedar, Pine and Rosemary.

Boiling Point: 338°F/170°C

The Beneficial Effects of Carene

As early as the 60's, researchers have noted the medicinal efficacy of phytochemicals from plants such as cannabis. Carene is found to have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties and a positive effect on the central nervous system. Some tout Carene for its ability to provide symptomatic relief for diarrhea. Studies have also been published on a link to Carene and bone health and repair, especially as a result of malnutrition or an injury.

In a 2007 study, “Low Concentration of 3‐carene Stimulates the Differentiation of Mouse Osteoblastic MC3T3‐E1 Subclone 4 Cells” from the journal Phytotherapy Research, tested natural compounds for their ability to maintain bone and deal with bone disease to promote overall bone health. This lab study found that Carene strongly stimulates growth and mineralisation in bone cells.

*As with all information on this website, this is not medical advice - please consult a doctor for medical advice and information that relates to your specific situation.

Cannabis Cultivars Containing Carene

Arjan's Ultra Haze #2, Lemon Haze, Skunk #1