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Caryophyllene Oxide: Cannabis Terpene Profile

Caryophyllene Oxide terpene profile peppery pain reliever

Molecular Formula: C15 H24 O

Boiling Point: 320°F/160°C

Caryophyllene Oxide is a sesquiterpene that results from the oxidation of β-caryophyllene, which typically occurs during the curing process in cannabis. This specific element has been commonly targeted by drug sniffing dogs but recent trends have moved away from this to focus on dangerous narcotics.

The scent of Caryophyllene Oxide is Spicy with undertones of Wood, Black Pepper and a warm Citrus background. Caryophyllene Oxide occurs naturally in Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Clovet, Eucalyptus, Guava, Hops, Lemon Balm, Oregano, Rosemary and Wormwood.

The Beneficial Effects of the Caryophyllene Oxide Terpene

Caryophyllene Oxide Terpenes have been found to have Pain-Relieving properties, Anti-Coagulant properties (maximized with THC), Anti-Inflammatory properties and Anti-Fungal properties -- comparable to fungal treatment drugs, such as ciclopirox olamine and sulconazole (see Yang, Millet-Clerc, Chaumont, & Michel, 1999) -- for maximum Anti-Fungal benefits, use with CBC or CBG. 

Like other terpenes, Carypohyllene Oxide can help potentiate anti-cancer drug efficacy, e.g. the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin has shown enhancement in the treatment of intestinal cancer cells when joined by Carypohyllene Oxide.  More research will be required to detect if it prevents cell proliferation and inducement of apoptosis. Sain, S. et al. “Beta-Caryophyllene and Caryophyllene Oxide, Isolated from Aegle Marmelos, as the Potent Anti-inflammatory Agents against Lymphoma and Neuroblastoma Cells.”

*As with all information on this website, this is not medical advice - please consult a doctor for medical advice and information that relates to your specific situation.

Cannabis Cultivars Containing the Caryophyllene Oxide Terpene

Grape Inferno, Purple Punch, Purple Wookie, ACDC, Blueberry Seagal