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Indulge in the peanut butter, chocolaty goodness before you indulge.

Infusion Type Recipe Type
Coconut Oil Dessert, Small Batch
Base Servings Dose
1/4 teaspoon of infused oil 4 5-10 mg per serving
Prep Time (min) Cook Time (min) Rest Time (min) Total Time (min)
20 15 35

1/4 teaspoon of cannabis infused coconut oil

1 tablespoon chocolate morsels Nuts & Fruit (optional)

  1. Melt cannabis infused coconut oil & chocolate.
  2. Mix WELL. Ensure that melted chocolate and canna-coconut oil is combined well to result in consistent, even doses.
  3. Pour melted cannabis-infused chocolate into a lined mini muffin tin.
  4. Refrigerate until firm.

1/4 teaspoon of homemade canna-oil is the standard dose.

NOTE: This is for one cup. Slice the Cannacup into 4 microdoses.


Chocolate Cannacups recipe

Edible THC Dosage Calculator

enter the THC percentage of your strain (e.g. 22.5)
How much plant material (in grams) will you be using in your infusion (there are 3.5 grams in an eigth of an ounce)
How many cups of oil, butter or milk will you be infusing? If necessary, use a decimal fraction (e.g. 0.5 or 1.75).
408.5 mg total (assumes aggressive 90% decarb and a 60% absorption rates)
30.6 mg