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Citronellol: Cannabis Terpene Profile

Citronellol terpene profile

Molecular Formula: C10 H20 O

Boiling Point: 437°F/225°C

The scent of Citronellol is Citrus, Floral and Rose. Citronellol occurs naturally in Lemongrass and in the oils of Chamomile, Sandalwood, Rose, Geranium and Catnip. 

The FDA officially views Citronellol as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for use in food.

The Beneficial Effects of the Citronellol Terpene

Citronellol is found to have anti-tumor properties (reducing the ability of tumors to grow) and anti-inflammatory properties, which is being studied in connection to reduce Lung Cancer proliferation. It has also been studied for its treatment of high blood pressure as a regulating agent.

Citronellol is a good repellent for mosquitos at a short distance.

*As with all information on this website, this is not medical advice - please consult a doctor for medical advice and information that relates to your specific situation.

Cannabis Cultivars Containing the Citronellol Terpene

 Amnesia Haze, Great White Shark, Island Sweet Skunk