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Clouds In The City Cup

Clouds in the City Amsterdam cannabis competition in October

Clouds in the City Cup is an annual event held every October in Amsterdam. There are multiple categories to vote in such as Best Coffeeshop, Best Coffeeshop Flower, Best Coffeeshop hash, Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, Traditional Hash, B.H.O (solvent), Rosin, CBD and Edibles.

Award Winners

Year: 2019
Title Year Place Category Company
Ice Cream Cake 2019 1 Best Coffeeshop Flower Coffeeshop Family First
Shoreline 2019 2 Best Coffeeshop Flower Coffeeshop Green Place
White Choco Haze 2019 3 Best Coffeeshop Flower Coffeeshop Relax
Banana OG 2019 1 Best Coffeeshop Hash Coffeeshop Solo
Caramello 2019 2 Best Coffeeshop Hash Coffeeshop De Kroon
King Hassan 2019 3 Best Coffeeshop Hash Coffeeshop Prix D 'ami
Sorbetto Badder 2019 1 Vip Artisan Mad Bear Extracts
OG Kush Sugar Wax 2019 2 Vip Artisan Coffeeshop Family First
C.r.l. Autumn Sherbet Badder 2019 3 Vip Artisan Real Extractions X Aranua
Paris OG 2019 1 Vip CBD Products Xtract CBD
Mokums Tulip 2019 1 Vip Indica Dutch Passion Seeds
Lava Cake 2019 2 Vip Indica Steel Branch Farms
4g 2019 3 Vip Indica Coffeeshop De Kroon
Terp Pen 2019 2 Vip Innovation Award Boundless
Carta V 2019 3 Vip Innovation Award Focus
Layer Cake 2019 1 Vip Innovation Award Crazy Zoo Extracts
Tangimal Cookies 2019 1 Vip Sativa Amsterdam Buyers Club
Soma´s Glue 2019 2 Vip Sativa Soma's Sacred Seeds
Marley Colfie 2019 3 Vip Sativa Dr. Duc Grow
Garlic Breath 2019 1 Vip Traditional Hash (drysift) Extractor
Super Silver Haze Block 2019 2 Vip Traditional Hash (drysift) Coffeeshop Boerejongens
King Hassan 2019 3 Vip Traditional Hash (drysift) Coffeeshop Prix D'ami
Year: 2018
Title Year Place Category Company
Waterworks 2018 1 Best Ice-o-lator Hash Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop
Platinum Valley 2018 2 Best Ice-o-lator Hash Accelerator Seeds
Marmaduke Iwe 2018 3 Best Ice-o-lator Hash Paper Cut Extracts
Platinum Valley 2018 1 Best Indica Accelerator Seeds
Sour Banana Sherbet 2018 2 Best Indica Kent Valley Farms
Lavender OG 2018 3 Best Indica Soma Seeds
Shoreline 2018 1 Best Sativa Coffeeshop Mr K And D
Gelonade 2018 2 Best Sativa Amsfirebrigade Collab With Amsterdam Club
Lemon Tangie 2018 3 Best Sativa Greenplace
King Hassan 2018 1 Best Traditional Hash Prix D'ami
Gelato Hash 2018 2 Best Traditional Hash Green Place Coffeeshop
Block 2018 3 Best Traditional Hash Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop
Year: 2020
Title Year Place Category Company
Charlottes Dream 2020 1 Best Vip CBD Growers Choice
Bio CBD Honey 2020 2 Best Vip CBD Mystryweed Products
Paris OG 2020 3 Best Vip CBD Xtract CBD
Tiramisu 2020 1 Best Vip Edible Coffeeshop Solo
THC Honey 2020 2 Best Vip Edible Mysteryweed Products
Forbidden Fruit 2020 1 Best Vip Hybrid Alto Jardin
Astral Amnesia Haze 2020 2 Best Vip Hybrid Dr. Duc Grow
Sugar Bomb Punch 2020 3 Best Vip Hybrid Dutch Passion
Rainbow Candy 2020 1 Best Vip Indica Growers Choice
Keresene Krash 2020 2 Best Vip Indica Dutch Passion
Gelato 41 2020 3 Best Vip Indica Seedstockers
Forbidden Fruit 2020 1 Best Vip Rosin Alto Jardin
Astral Afghan 2020 2 Best Vip Rosin Dr. Duc Grow
Marleys Collie 2020 3 Best Vip Rosin Dr. Duc Grow
Kinder Fuego 2020 1 Best Vip Sativa Alto Jardin
Platinum Kush Breath Remix 4 2020 2 Best Vip Sativa Urban Growers Collective
Mimosa 2020 3 Best Vip Sativa Coffeeshop Solo
Primera 2020 1 Best Vip Traditional Hash Coffeeshop Solo
Sorbetto 2020 1 Vip BHO Mad Bear
Pink Lytchee 2020 2 Vip BHO Mad Bear