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Copa Medellin Cannabis Awards

Copa Medellin Cannabis Awards

 The Copa Medellin is one of Colombia's best cannabis cup competitions, making it one of the premier Cannabis competitions in South America. After a Supreme Court Ruling in 2015, Columbians are allowed up to 20 plants to be cultivated per person.

The Copa Medellin brings together some of Colombia’s most experienced growers who are well known for their growing skills. For professional cannabis seed companies, Copa Medellin is a chance to impress the judges and compare genetics against the best of the rest. In South America, competition is always hottest in the sativa category.

Award Winners

Year: 2019
Category: Sin Solvente
Title Year Place Category Company
OG Cheese Bubble 2019 1 Sin Solvente Magic Gardens
Banana OG 2019 2 Sin Solvente Tomas Restrepo
Bangers & Mac 2019 3 Sin Solvente Hisens Crew
Category: Indica
Title Year Place Category Company
Sorbet 2019 1 Indica The Plug
OG18 2019 2 Indica Dna
Blue Dream X Cookies 2019 3 Indica Paisa Grow Seeds
Category: Sativa
Title Year Place Category Company
Desfran 2019 1 Sativa Dutch Passion
La Amnesia 2019 2 Sativa Paradise Seeds
Caribe 2019 3 Sativa Canabiogen