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DC Greats: Interview with District Chiefer

District Chiefer DC weed delivery

We had the recent honor of sitting down with the owner of District Chiefer to learn a little bit more about their business and tap into their brain trust regarding how the DC industry came up, where it is now and what we can expect in the future. We also got some hot tips on Hi Tech’s latest offering… Mega Man. If you’re not yet familiar with Hi Tech we’ll catch you up on that too at the end of the article.

How Did District Chiefer Get Started?

District Chiefer has been in the game since jumpstreet when the pop-up scene was just getting started and DC was a travel destination for people in the know up and down 95, from New Jersey to North Carolina. They cut their teeth in the business alongside other great DC institutions like Ghouse and Bagged Buds and have seen many come and go along the way.

Their business model is grounded in the fundamentals: honor and reputation pay off in the long run. District Chiefer doesn’t bounce around among growers, constantly seeking a better margin here or there. It became evident within minutes of discussing their supply chain how important quality (both of product and business partners) is to them – it is the reason why the majority of the relationships they have now are ones they established in the beginning. When the tsunami of lung injury outbreaks started surrounding vitamin E acetate in cartridges took the news by storm, District Chiefer’s customers were safe because of the well-founded judgement that connected them to supplier Apple Dabs. Speaking of, in addition to edibles, Apple Dab cartridges are the owner’s favorite go-to way of enjoying cannabis as they allow the experience without the tell-tale scent.

maui wowie apple dab vaporizer cartridge and charger

We’ve already had a chance to try out their Gelato pen and District Chiefer gifted us Apple Dabs’ Maui Wowie (sativa) cart which is currently providing a nice boost in writing this article!

Talking Strains

As mentioned, District Chiefer has been in the game for a minute and has seen trends come and go. From Gushers and Gelato to Runtz, back to Gelato and Gelato-adjacent… Things change but usually in similar ways. Speaking of, sativa cartridges in the morning and hybrid/indica flower at night is a pro-tip for those of you mixing cannabis with your work routine.

Hands down, our favorite new strain which was introduced to us at our 2022 Experience Cup is the Lemon Popperz (also known as Gelonade – no surprise, another Gelato variant). This is from the aforementioned Hi Tech grower who seems to do everything 10x better than everyone else. Seriously, you need to try the Lemon Popperz immediately. I don’t know what their Mega Man is going to bring to the table but based on their packaging design, I’m already sold.

Personal favorite among the staff: Red-K, White Cherry and RS-11

Secret Stash

Obviously, everything these guys have on their site is top-notch (from what I understand there is a fair amount of re-gifting going on in DC but those in the know get it from Chiefer at the source for the right price) but, when we pressed them for something we could brag on them for, they shared that one special item on their menu that does deserve special attention: their diamonds. As legit as they come, if you're looking for high quality diamonds, the Chief has you covered like a blanket.

Hi Tech

Newer on the scene, as far as we can tell since March of 2020. Distributed by Ted’s Buds, who only touches fire bud. Beyond that the main thing we know is that everything they put out there is AMAZING. As mentioned, District Chiefer’s submission of their Lemon Popperz DOMINATED in our 2022 Experience Cup. Hi Tech does things a bit different than most in terms of cultivation and prep: they have a 14 day flush and a VERY slow cure – all of which contributes to the beautiful flavor profile that nicely accompanies the pitch-perfect highs.

Hi Tech Fear of Boof Lemon Popperz package

Their packaging design, allegedly done by the owner from what we hear, is so good they could easily be NFTs. We’re looking forward to seeing Mega Man packaging but a little birdie told us that they have 3 different designs that, when arranged just so, come together like Voltron to make an epic tableaux.

The only place you’ll find these treasures in the DC (maybe even the east coast) is from District Chiefer. Check out their menu to see current offerings but staples from Hi Tech (also affiliated with Super Dope) are:

Creme Glacee
Big Squid
Bubblegum Popperz
Lemon Popperz
Cherry Popperz
and the newly released Mega Z (Blue) 

Mega Z Blue by HI TECH logo