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Eucalyptol: Cannabis Terpene Profile

eucalyptol terpene properties

Molecular Formula: C10 H18 O

Boiling Point: 349 to 351 °F/ 176°C

The scent of Eucalyptol is strongly menthol, camphor, spicy and bracingly cool. Eucalyptol occurs naturally in Basil, Bay Leaves, Camphor Laurel, Mugwort, Rosemary, Sage and Tea Trees (species melaleuca alternifolia, of Queensland Australia).

The Beneficial Effects of the Eucalyptol Terpene

Eucalyptol Terpenes have been found to have analgesic properties (relieving pain), slow bacterial and fungal growth, reducing inflammation systematically,  have anti-proliferative properties (inhibiting cancer cell growth) and have antioxidant properties (limiting damage of oxidation damage to cells in the body. It is also used successfully as a natural insecticide.

Eucalyptol has also been studied for its effectiveness in assisting -

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Cannabis Cultivars Containing the Eucalyptol Terpene

Bubba Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Headband, Super Silver Haze