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Experience Cup Competition

experience cup

The best and the brightest of DC's cannabis community competed to determine who has curated the tastiest cannabis from mother earth. Categories included: Best Experience Vaporized (Indica/Sativa), Best Experience Combusted (Indica/Sativa) and Best Experience Edibles.

Presented by Ascendancy Strains, we received submissions from the top-nominated DC cannabis businesses to determine which strains and edibles provide the Best Experiences.

It should come as no surprise that we are on a hunt for valuable, decision-orienting data here. As we continue to collect data on flavor and experience data for our 18k strains, understanding how strains present based on type of consumption (e.g. smoked, vaporized, consumed as an edible) is essential to providing today's consumer with all the information needed to make the best decision.

Want to know where to buy weed in DC? Visit our directory - top ranked businesses (like the winners below) will be towards the top.

Award Winners

Title Place Category Company
Mac and Jelly 1 Best Experience Combusted (Indica) Lucky Chuckie
Cherry Gelato 2 Best Experience Combusted (Indica) Ghouse
Zlushie 3 Best Experience Combusted (Indica) District Chiefer
P-City Skorz 3 Best Experience Combusted (Indica) Dope City
Raspberry Tart 1 Best Experience Combusted (Sativa) Dope City
Project 4516 2 Best Experience Combusted (Sativa) District Chiefer
Blue Widow 3 Best Experience Combusted (Sativa) Johnny Ganja Seeds
Citrus Blast Gummies 1 Best Experience Edibles Dope City
Key Lime Pie 3 Best Experience Edibles Byrdaire Botanicals
Space NUGZ 2 Best Experience Edibles Sobaked dc
Strawberry Shortcake Brownie 4 Best Experience Edibles Lucky Chuckie
Dang! 2 Best Experience Vaporized (Indica) Dope CIty
Scooby Snacks 1 Best Experience Vaporized (Indica) Ghouse
Truffle Gelato 3 Best Experience Vaporized (Indica) District Chiefer
Lemon Poppers 1 Best Experience Vaporized (Sativa) District Chiefer
Bubblegum 2 Best Experience Vaporized (Sativa) Ghouse
Lemon n' Cherries 3 Best Experience Vaporized (Sativa) Dope City