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Flavor Cup Cannabis Competition

The best and the brightest of DC's cannabis community competed to determine who has curated the tastiest cannabis from mother earth. Categories included: Best Vaporized, Best Combusted and Best Edibles.

Presented by Ascendancy Strains, it should come as no surprise that we are on a hunt for valuable, decision-orienting data here. The people have spoken and the best candy makers, delivery services and growers in DC has been selected to compete and determine who has the tastiest herbs and edibles in the 202 for 2022. Follow the story as it unfolds on our socials.

Want to be a judge? Subscribe to get the 411 on how you can put yourself in the running. Judges selected 12/15.

Competitors for the 2022 Flavor Cup (alphabetically)

District Chiefer
Dope City
Gats Organic
Lisa Dank
Lucky Chuckie

Zkittles with skittles

Award Winners

Year: 2021
Title Year Place Category Company
Lemon Cherry Gelato 2021 1 Best Combusted G House
Jelly Breath 2021 2 Best Combusted LOCAL'd
Gary Payton 2021 3 Best Combusted Bagged Buds
Space NUGZ 2021 1 Best Edibles Sobaked dc
Gummies 2021 2 Best Edibles Bagged Buds
Nona's Love Sauce 2021 3 Best Edibles Strega Stona
Biscotti 2021 1 Best Vaporized Exotic Organics DC
Blue City 2021 2 Best Vaporized Bagged Buds
Super Cherry Runtz 2021 3 Best Vaporized G House
Year: 2022
Title Year Place Category Company
Blue Falcon 2022 1 Best Combusted Gatz Organic
Lemon Cherry Gelato 2022 2 Best Combusted Lucky Chuckie
Zugar Drops 2022 3 Best Combusted Ghouse
GG4 2022 4 Best Combusted Dope City
AMA Antimatter Annihilator 2022 4 Best Combusted District Chiefer
Brownies 2022 1 Best Edibles Lucky Chuckie
Gummies 2022 2 Best Edibles Dope City
Gummies 2022 3 Best Edibles District Chiefer
Lollipops 2022 4 Best Edibles Lisa Dank
Gummies 2022 4 Best Edibles Johnny Ganga Seeds
Animal Tree 2022 4 Best Vaporized Lucky Chuckie
Shelby 41 2022 4 Best Vaporized Ghouse
Mega Z (blue) 2022 1 Best Vaporized District Chiefer
Cherry Dope 2022 2 Best Vaporized Dope City
Blue Falcon 2022 3 Best Vaporized Gatz Organic