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Guaiol: Cannabis Terpene Profile

guaiol terpene properties

Molecular Formula: C15 H26 O

Boiling Point: 198°F/92°C

Also referred to as champacol, Guaiol is sesquiterpenoid alcohol and a sesquiterpenes, which are terpenes that have multi-ringed molecular structure. Uniquely, Guaiol is a water-soluble liquid where most terpenes are oil-based.

The scent of the Guaiol terpene is similar to Pinene but much more rare. You will catch strong pine tree notes with undertones of rose. Guaiol occurs naturally in Conifer Cypress pines and in the hard oily timber of the evergreen Caribbean Guaiacum plant. Please note it's lower than average boiling point, meaning it must be vaporized at a lower temperature in order to be enjoyed.

The Beneficial Effects of the Guaiol Terpene

Guaiol Terpenes have been found to have Anti-Inflammatory properties, Anti-Parasitic properties, Antioxidant properties, Anti-Fungal properties and has been used to regulate menstruation. Additionally, the Guaiol terpene is found as an additive for insect repellants.

Guaiol has also been studied for its effectiveness in treating -

  • Inflammation
  • Syphilis (was brought back to Europe by the Spanish after they discovered Santo Domingo as a cure)
  • Tumors

*As with all information on this website, this is not medical advice - please consult a doctor for medical advice and information that relates to your specific situation.

Cannabis Cultivars Containing the Guaiol Terpene

ACDC, Agent Orange, Blackberry, Blue Kush, Chernobyl, Cinex, Fruit Loops, Golden Pineapple, Jillybean, Pennywise, Plushberry, White Widow, Wagyu Kush