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How to Get Weed in Detroit - Dispensary and Delivery List

Where to find weed in Detroit Michigan Dispensary Directory

Weed is legal in Detroit and you'd like to know the best places to get it.

Since data is kind of our thing and we can't stand to see people doing it wrong, we've collected and curated the businesses in the business of weed in Detroit and have shared them below. We're slowly working on our index for ranking our favorites that has nothing to do with money. We don't believe the cannabis industry should be pay-to-play. We use freely ASCENDABLE metrics like ratings, social media activity (which shows engagement and accountability) and responsiveness. We dislike fly-by-night companies and we believe that reputation earned (not paid for) deserves a champion.

With that said, you'll be able to find all the companies we could identify working in Detroit - the ones closest to the top have the best scores per our matrix. If you want to support the companies you like, make sure to comment on their profile. The more comments (good or bad) the more points they'll get in our matrix and they'll get a bump next time we re-calculate the order. We count both good and bad to discourage trolling but your feedback is much appreciated whether positive or negative by consumers considering giving them businesses.

Are you a new business not listed here? Hit us up on Instagram and give us your contact info.  

Detroit Cannabis Businesses

Title Category Featured Deal
420 Factory Dispensary and Delivery
Planet 313 Cannabis Co Dispensary
Evergreen Wellness Group Dispensary
Skymint Hamtramck Dispensary and Delivery