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How to Get Weed in Portland - Dispensary and Delivery List

Where to Find Weed in Portland Oregon Dispensary Directory

Weed is legal in Portland and you'd like to know the best places to find it.

Since data is kind of our thing and we can't stand to see people doing it wrong, we've collected and curated the businesses in the business of weed in Portland and have shared them below. We're slowly working on our index for ranking our favorites that has nothing to do with money. We don't believe the cannabis industry should be pay-to-play. We use freely ASCENDABLE metrics like ratings, social media activity (which shows engagement and accountability) and responsiveness. We dislike fly-by-night companies and we believe that reputation earned (not paid for) deserves a champion.

With that said, you'll be able to find all the companies we could identify working in Portland - the ones closest to the top have the best scores per our matrix. If you want to support the companies you like, make sure to comment on their profile. The more comments (good or bad) the more points they'll get in our matrix and they'll get a bump next time we re-calculate the order. We count both good and bad to discourage trolling but your feedback is much appreciated whether positive or negative by consumers considering giving them businesses.

Are you a new business not listed here? Hit us up on Instagram and give us your contact info.  

Portland Cannabis Businesses

Title Category Featured Deal
Happy Leaf Dispensary
Urban Farmacy Dispensary
Broadway Cannabis Market Dispensary
Oregon Grown Dispensary
JAYNE Dispensary
Mr. Nice Guy Portland SE Woodstock Dispensary
Natural Wonders Dispensary
Satchel Dispensary
Nectar - Sandy Dispensary
Pakalolo PDX Dispensary
Nectar - Barbur Dispensary
The Herbery- ST. JOHNS Dispensary
Doctor's Orders Portland Dispensary
VIBE | Amberlight Dispensary
Mr. Nice Guy - Holgate Dispensary
Oregon Bud Company - Portland 122nd Dispensary
Curaleaf - Portland Dispensary
Bridge City Collective - Southeast Portland Dispensary and Delivery
Oregon Bud Company - Clackamas Dispensary
Home Grown Apothecary Dispensary
Pot Zone Vancouver Dispensary
Growing ReLeaf Dispensary
Nectar - Beaverton Hall Dispensary
Nectar - 122nd Dispensary
Nectar - Beaverton Hillsdale Dispensary
Northwest Cannabis Company Dispensary
Nectar - Milwaukie Dispensary
Homegrown Oregon - Beaverton Dispensary
Nectar - Stark Dispensary
Nectar - Terwilliger Dispensary
Broadway Cannabis Market - Beaverton Dispensary
SOMEWHERE Dispensary
Club Sky High Dispensary and Delivery
Green Mart Dispensary
Nectar - Woodstock Dispensary
Ivy Cannabis Dispensary
Local Leaf Dispensary
Nectar - Mississippi Dispensary
Plane Jane's Dispensary
Floyd's Fine Cannabis Slabtown Dispensary
ReLeaf Health Dispensary and Delivery
Collective Awakenings Dispensary
Mindrite Dispensary Dispensary
Dub Hub Dispensary
Mongoose Cannabis Dispensary and Delivery
Green Goddess Remedies Dispensary
The Canna Shoppe Dispensary
Oregon's Finest - Pearl Dispensary
Five Zero Trees - Portland West Dispensary
Kings of Canna Dispensary
Farma Dispensary
Left Coast Connection, LLC Dispensary
pur roots Dispensary
Electric Lettuce - Montavilla Dispensary
Arcanna PDX Dispensary
Parlour Cannabis Shoppe Dispensary
Kaleafa Cannabis Company - Glisan Dispensary
Silver Stem Cannabis Englewood/Sheridan Dispensary
Xclusives Taste Dispensary
Budding Culture Dispensary
Kaleafa Cannabis Company - Tigard Dispensary
Stoney Only Clackamas Dispensary
Cured Green Dispensary
Electric Lettuce - Cedar Hills Dispensary
Kaleafa Cannabis Company - Beaverton Dispensary
The FlowerShop - Powellhurst Dispensary
Nectar - Beaverton Allen Dispensary
Lemonnade PDX Dispensary
GreenHead Cannabis Dispensary
Canna Source Dispensary
Floyd's Fine Cannabis on Broadway Dispensary
Gnome Grown Alberta Dispensary
Alternative Remedies Dispensary
Marijuana Paradise Dispensary
The New Amsterdam Dispensary
Lemonnade Portland Dispensary
Ascend Dispensary
Bridge City Collective - North Portland Dispensary
Electric Lettuce - Old Town Dispensary
Nature's Alternative, Inc. Dispensary
Portland Pot Shop Dispensary
Budlandia Woodward Dispensary
Buzz Box Dispensary
Greeley Gallery Dispensary
Sticky's Pot Shop Dispensary
Today's Herbal Choice Barbur Dispensary
High 5 Cannabis Dispensary
Chalice Farms - Airport Dispensary
Oregon Bud Company - Beaverton Dispensary
Kind Heart Collective Dispensary
Serra Belmont Dispensary
La Cannaisseur Dispensary
The CDC Dispensary
Kaleafa Cannabis Company - Oregon City Dispensary
Chalice Farms - Powell Dispensary
Electric Lettuce - Tigard Dispensary
Electric Lettuce - Lloyd District Dispensary