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Mainstream Cheesehead Senator Champions Tantalizing Cannabis Zine

Senator Melissa Agard brings cannabis zine to the people of Wisconsin to up the stakes

In a creative endeavor to ignite discussion on Wisconsin's persistent cannabis prohibition while neighboring states embrace legalization, Senate Minority Leader Melissa Agard (D) has released a marijuana policy "zine" adorned with informative content and whimsical cartoon illustrations. Agard, a staunch advocate of marijuana reform in the traditionally conservative Wisconsin legislature, shared the magazine online, marking a renewed effort to thrust the issue into the limelight as she readies herself to introduce another legalization bill during this session.

Cannabis Zine: Let's Legalize It, Wisconsin

Titled "Let’s Legalize It, Wisconsin," the zine boldly asserts that embracing policy change holds the potential for myriad positive impacts on the state. It urges Wisconsin not to remain an "island of prohibition" and underscores that the "most dangerous thing about cannabis in Wisconsin" is its continued illegality.

The publication also offers a concise chronicle of Wisconsin's journey towards marijuana legalization. Cartoon versions of Agard grace its pages, illustrating how the legislator has been at the forefront, having introduced legalization bills six times since her initial foray into the Assembly in 2014. It also points out the tension between Governor Tony Evers (D), who has advocated for full legalization, and the predominantly GOP state legislature that has chosen to disregard the public's sentiment.

Amidst discussions of half-measures and political strategies, Agard's zine emphasizes that the intricacies of policymaking necessitate comprehensive solutions. Its vibrant pages emphasize the need for full legalization, sending a clear message that mere gestures won't suffice.

The impending medical marijuana legislation proposed by Republicans looms on the horizon, with Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R) announcing its anticipated introduction in the upcoming fall. However, skepticism persists among voices like Agard's, who question the long-standing promises and the apparent lack of progress on the issue within the GOP-controlled majority.

This creative activism, which can also double as a coloring book, encourages individuals with an interest in cannabis reform to engage with their representatives, regardless of political affiliation. It advises readers to rally behind full, responsible adult-use legalization and provides contact information for reaching out to elected officials.

Senator Melissa Agard
Senator Melissa Agard

Despite rumors of an imminent medical marijuana proposal from Republicans, details remain scarce. The expectation is that it could be a limited measure, potentially clashing with Democrats' aspirations to mirror the legalization strides of neighboring states such as Illinois and Minnesota. Agard's dedication to the cause doesn't stop at the zine's pages. Recently, she seized an opportunity to address marijuana policy concerns during a meeting with Biden administration officials at the White House. "I think it’s vitally important everywhere we go that we talk about the things that matter most to our constituents," Agard emphasized.

As Wisconsin residents continue to flock to neighboring states for legal cannabis, and as the debate endures, the zine symbolizes a visual testament to the growing desire for reform. Whether it's in the form of cartoons, words, or persistent advocacy, the call for change echoes throughout Wisconsin's corridors of power.