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Cannabis Strain Review: Panama Red

panama red strain review
Type of High: Head and Body
Try it: before creating
Optimum Time of Day: Morning
Spectrum: 89% Sativa
Dominant Terpene: Pinene
Effect Percentage
Side Effect Percentage
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
The Scaries

Panama Red, a legendary cannabis strain that hails from the sultry tropical climes of Panama, offers a captivating journey into the annals of cannabis history. A pure 100% sativa, it boasts deep green buds adorned with fiery red pistils. Reminiscent of herbal tea and wood with subtle undertones of fresh soil, this strain teases the senses. Named after its country of origin, Panama Red, a landrace strain, emerged as a symbol of a bygone era, becoming a cultural icon in the 1960s. Its THC content averages at 10% but can reach 16%, delivering classic sativa effects that invigorate, stimulate creativity, and uplift the spirit. This strain is also reputed for its potential to alleviate stomach issues and increase appetite.

The nuggets of Panama Red are known for their vibrant green hue, with a crystalline dusting. Notable terpenes include myrcene. The strain takes about 11 weeks to reach full flowering, and this extended cultivation time contributed to its dwindling popularity in the face of faster-growing, more profitable alternatives.


Panama Red derives its name from its place of origin, the tropical nation of Panama, where it was cultivated for export, particularly to the United States and Europe, during the 20th century.

Panama Red has an ASHI score of 10 out of 11, and a BPS rating of 16 out of 50. The ASHI score, or Ascendancy Strains Heat Index, speaks to how popular it is at this moment in time. Think of it as measuring the flash in the pan strains that are hot right now for consumers. Social media discussions, consumer ratings and reviews are all data points that feed into this score.

BPS, or Brand Power Score, is more institution facing and looks more at data points which reflect how much respect and power this strain has to the industry. Strains that have articles written about them, sold as seeds, award history and inclusion in a strain directory are all examples of data points which feed into a BPS rating. The genetic blend of this strain is 89% Sativa.

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a section describing the experience of consuming this strain of cannabis

Panama Red offers a unique journey through the cerebral landscape. The high begins with an energetic, euphoric boost that fosters creativity and a sense of relaxation. As the experience unfolds, it may evolve into an intense, almost psychedelic journey, making it suitable for social gatherings and activities that demand active engagement. Users may also find a mild sense of relaxation to conclude this lively onset. The flavors are a delightful amalgamation of herbal and spicy notes, with hints of tropical fruits reminiscent of grapefruit.

The Energetic, Euphoric, Creative, Happy and Loquacious effects of Panama Red produce a Head and Body high for cannabis users. Morning is the best time to experience this strain. Panama Red has been reported by users as being used for Depression, Loss Of Appetite, Anxiety, Pain, and Nausea.

Common Usage
depression common usage for marijuana
loss of appetite common usage for marijuana
anxiety common usage for marijuana
pain common usage for marijuana
nausea common usage for marijuana

Information found on this site is not meant to be used as or in place of medical advice. Seek advice from a medical professional to address your personal needs.

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The Flavor Story

Panama Red's primary terpenes are Pinene, Caryophyllene and Limonene. Terpenes affect flavor but also provide their own set of medical and experiential effects. When smoked, vaporized or incorporated into an edible, you'll get hit with the flavor profile from Panama Red that includes: Herbal, Spicy, Sweet, Tropical, Citrus and Grapefruit, ending with a blast of Herbal on the exhale.

The Aroma Story

Take a whiff! Panama Red has an aroma profile of Citrus, Earthy, Grapefruit and Sweet.

the labs - a section where the levels of different cannabinoids found in this strain of cannabis are shared based on lab testing
10 - 22%
0.09 - 0.18%

Panama Red presents Pinene, Caryophyllene and Limonene terpenes. The average THC level is 10 - 22%. You can expect CBD levels of 0.3%. CBG in this strain should be about 1%.

the grow - a section describing the growth information for this strain of cannabis
Best Results Preferred Climate Grow Difficulty
Indoors and outdoors warm climate Average

Outdoor Grow Info

Harvest Time Height Yield
Late October Average 16oz/ plant

Indoor Grow Info

Indoor Harvest Time Indoor Height Indoor Yield
77 to 84 days Average 12 to 16oz/ m2

Growing Panama Red can be a challenging endeavor, with a lengthy flowering time of at least 11 weeks. It is susceptible to pests and molds, demanding vigilant care. This strain thrives in mild temperatures with a constant breeze, making it well-suited for outdoor growth in regions with the right climate.

The difficulty to grow Panama Red is known for being difficult due to the fact that it harvests late in the season and therefore can't grow in most climates outdoors. For growers looking to cultivate indoors, you can expect average height to be with a yield of 12 to 16oz/ m2 in about 90 to 100 days. Outdoors, Panama Red should harvest around Late October you can expect average height and 16oz/ plant yield. 

Panama Red's roots extend deep into its namesake country, where it was cultivated, particularly along the Pacific coast, due to its slightly less rainy and more fertile conditions. The strain is a pure sativa landrace, and its legacy has endured thanks to the passage of seeds through generations. Today, Panama Red seeds are increasingly rare but can still be found among collectors.

the recipes

What's Cooking?

The savory notes from Marijuana-infused Skirt Steak Salad will pair nicely with dominant terpene, Pinene, from Panama Red. Pinene terpenes will match perfectly with the skirt steak and the salad, married by the dressing. An excellent recipe for this strain. Since we suggest you try Panama Redbefore creating, you might want to check out our recipe for Coffee Cake. Using this strain with our Coffee Cake recipe, paired with your favorite cup of coffee or tea will put you exactly where you need to be for making art, building worlds or composing symphonies.

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