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Cannabis Strain Review: Panna Cotta

Type of High: Head and Body
Try it: after a stressful day
Optimum Time of Day: Night
Spectrum: 77% Indica
Dominant Terpene: Caryophyllene
Effect Percentage
Deeply Relaxing
Side Effect Percentage
Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes
The Scaries

Panna Cotta has an ASHI score of 3, and a BPS rating of 10. Its namesake is an italian sweet cream, no-bake dessert. Users of this strain enjoy flavors of Sweet, Nutty, Vanilla and Berry. Panna Cotta shares genetics with Strawberry Diesel Cookies and Biscotti. Some variations of Panna Cotta are made with Wedding Cake and Sundae Driver. Panna Cotta has not yet won an award but is in the running in DC! wink wink

Panna Cotta Strain from Exotic Organics DC
Panna Cotta Strain from Exotic Organics DC


a section describing the experience of consuming this strain of cannabis

The Deeply Relaxing, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted and Tingly effects of Biscotti produce a head and body high for users. Night is the ideal time to enjoy this strain. Biscotti has been reported as being used for Depression, Loss Of Appetite, Anxiety, Insomnia and Pain.

Common Usage
depression common usage for marijuana
loss of appetite common usage for marijuana
anxiety common usage for marijuana
insomnia common usage for marijuana
pain common usage for marijuana

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The Flavor Story

When smoked or incorporated into an edible or meal, the flavor profile of the Panna Cotta strain includes Sweet, Nutty and Spicy. Design your perfect culinary cannabis experience.

The Aroma Story

Biscotti has a aroma profile that includes Nutty, Earthy and Sweet.

the labs - a section where the levels of different cannabinoids found in this strain of cannabis are shared based on lab testing
20 - 25%
0.17 - 0.48%
0.06 - 0.2%

Panna Cotta presents Caryophyllene and Humulene terpenes. The average THC level is 20 - 25%. CBG in this strain should be about 2%.

the grow - a section describing the growth information for this strain of cannabis
Best Results Preferred Climate Grow Difficulty
Indoors and outdoors warm climate Average

Outdoor Grow Info

Harvest Time Height Yield
mid to late October Average 10-12 oz per plant

Indoor Grow Info

Indoor Harvest Time Indoor Height Indoor Yield
8-9 weeks Average 10 oz per square meter

The difficulty to grow Panna Cotta is known for being average. For growers looking to cultivate indoors, you can expect average height to be with a yield of 10 oz per square meter in about 8-9 weeks. Outdoors, Biscotti should harvest around mid to late October you can expect average height and 10-12 oz per plant yield.

Panna Cotta shares genetics with Strawberry Diesel Cookies and Biscotti.

the recipes

What's Cooking?

The bacon notes from Weed Bacon will pair nicely with dominant terpene, Caryophyllene, from Panna Cotta. The Caryophyllene terpenes will add complex herbal, woody notes, enriching the natural bacon flavors. Since we suggest you try Panna Cotta after a stressful day, you might want to check out our recipe for Pink Grapefruit Sorbet. A Pink Grapefruit Sorbet is your best friend after a stressful day, ESPECIALLY when matched with this strain. As the tangy sorbet melts into your mouth, so will your sorrows and the thoughts of those who caused them.

Suggested Recipes For This Strain