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Secret Cup Finals Cannabis Awards

Award Winners

Year: 2015
Title Year Place Category Company
Gorilla Glue #4 Sugar 2015 1 Best Budder Madrone Farms X Canna Refinery Co
Zkittlez 90 Micron Full Melt 2015 1 Best Overall Terp Hogz X Moon Shine Melts X 3rd Gen Family X Dying Breed Seeds
Epoxy OG Rosin Shatter 2015 2 Best Overall Peace Oil X A Greener Today
Jews Gold Pure Live Resin Shatter 2015 3 Best Overall Team 10 Extracts X Unregisterd X Cali Kush Farms
Blood Orange Sorbet Shatter 2015 1 Conoisseur's Choice Brutal Bee Concentrates
Sk SFV Shatter 2015 1 Highest CBD Dukes Of Errl
Shark's Breath Sap 2015 1 Highest Terps Vandweller Extracts
Banana Cookies Shatter 2015 1 Highest THC Bhonafide Extracts
Cannasuer Collective 2015 1 Soil To Oil And Best Flower Concentrate Kings
Supreme OG 2015 2 Soil To Oil And Best Flower Supreme Og Sap
Year: 2016
Title Year Place Category Company
Ghost Train X Tangie 2016 1 Best Overall Glorious Extracts
Tahoe OG 2016 2 Best Overall The Bhoys
Tangie 2016 3 Best Overall Only The Strong Concentrate Company
Harlequin Tsunami CBD 2016 1 Highest CBD Blue Sky Farms
Tangie Shatter 2016 1 Highest Terps Haggard Extracts
SFV Shatter 2016 1 Highest THC Az Terps
Purple Kryptonite 2016 1 Soil To Oil/best Flower Arizona Cannabis Society
Mountaineer Madness 2016 2 Soil To Oil/best Flower Flower Rich Extracts
Year: 2017
Title Year Place Category Company
#20 Zkittlez Rozin 2017 1 Concentrates Terp Hogz
#21 Biker Kush Shatter 2017 2 Concentrates Karma Genetics
#22 Peach Ringz Rosin 2017 3 Concentrates 3rd Gen Family Farms X Moonshine Melts
Jelly Donut Fudge Bar 2017 1 Edibles Baked Duck X Kc Concentrates
Craisin Crazy Cookie 2017 2 Edibles Big Daddy’s Edibles
Cookies And Cream Cake Pop 2017 3 Edibles Calvin And Globz
#38 Supreme OG 2017 1 Flowers Supreme Og
#33 Jerp OG 2017 2 Flowers Jerpponicx Delivery Service
#36 Blazing Ape OG 2017 3 Flowers The Blazing Ape